Why ThePayPortal? Customized payment solutions.

We are a global payment platform specialized in providing reliable solutions for all sorts of eCommerce businesses, especially smarter billing, processing, chargebacks – fraud scoring models, and data enrichment foreseeing threats, that way increasing success even with challenging businesses called high-risk ones. Proud of our expertise, and most of all, our ability to strategize and adapt to your business specifics when solving challenges ahead.

If only the Merchant of Venice had been that lucky to be the contemporary of ThePayPortal offering a modern and secure payment processing solution that many from all around now use, it would be of great help in running a high-risk business for the long term in different markets. Maybe even Shakespeare could have sold his books online!

Way back, in the early beginning of trade, the function of money was performed by rare objects, like metal, shells, teeth, and feathers of exotic birds until the advent of paper money and credit cards. Nowadays, paying for goods and services without carrying paper money in your wallet is quite convenient, but does it always feel safe?  

Your doing business is safer with us.

In order to prevent fraud and reduce the number of chargebacks, shorten and simplify payment processing and facilitate its secure completion, ThePayPortal offers customized solutions. We dedicate efforts and expertise to helping high-risk businesses safely develop and expand by choosing the right Payment Gateway, or a bank with Merchant Onboarding Assistance, cutting the loss with Internal Risk Management solutions combined with integrated access to existing solutions such as Ethoca & VMPI.

Easy, safe, and transparent PAYMENT GATEWAY provides Merchants with a cutting-edge payment gateway solution, focused on collecting and analyzing payment intelligence to ensure that clients can receive transactions smoothly, that way providing your sale Increase.

Speed up the process with the support of our MERCHANT ACCOUNT ONBOARDING team that aims to make the Onboarding process as smooth and efficient as possible for all parties, reducing the time required to open an account and sign a contract with a bank. Start your business NOW!

Machine Learning, Risk Scoring, Negative, and Velocity Checking are our innovative solutions united in the INTERNAL RISK MANAGEMENT option offered, created toeliminate risk and provide fraud scoring models and data enrichment to secure your business.

What We Do Best:

  • PLEASURE IN DOING BUSINESS – Making sure transactions are carried out seamlessly across all devices and different sales channels providing both securities for the customer, as well as the seller.  
  • REDUCING RISK – Helping high-risk businesses to create a solid financial history and sustain credibility with banks reducing the number of disputed transactions, fraud accusations, and chargebacks.
  • SAFER SHOPPING – Enabling merchants to work efficiently and give a personalized experience to their customers, making their consumer experience feel more confident with the 3D Secure protection.

The best strategy for your business development is to speed up the payments and reduce the number of complaints, by making your online selling point secure so your customers can build trust and feel happy when shopping.  You focus on business. We’ll handle the payments.