Our payment Solutions business proposal

Our payment solutions business proposal

Your online business and our payment Solutions are like a marriage, a perfect match! Improve your chances of success with ThePayPortal’s team of experts performing extensive analyses to prevent fraud and reduce the number of chargebacks. Stop wrapping your thoughts around it, it may cost you time and money, leave it to us instead. Let us help you, by simplifying payment processing and facilitating its secure completion. As experts in foreseeing and resolving business challenges, initially, we seek to develop an understanding of your business needs. Extensive knowledge in providing Payment Solutions offers you the advantage to manage your business more efficiently. When thinking about these solutions for your eCommerce always have in mind these secret features: safety, efficiency, and analytics – the holy trinity.


Companies classified as high-risk businesses can encounter difficulties in the process of opening a Merchant Account. Acquiring banks find these businesses challenging to obtain on multiple levels. As a specified Merchant, you need to go in-depth underwriting and KYC (Know Your Client) checks, risk analysis, and business model vetting processes. Therefore, working with a merchant services provider makes the most sense to simplify the entire process. Be sure your transactions are carried out seamlessly and smoothly across all devices and different sales channels with our support.

PAY ATTENTION to our added value

Procedures for opening a bank account and signing a contract can sometimes take more than you have hoped for, even months. Setting up your business account with a bank, regardless of the industry can be done more efficiently. Our Merchant Onboarding Assistance service is created to help high-risk businesses to build a solid financial history and sustain credibility with banks. We provide support to speed up the process or shorten the time required to open an account and sign a contract with a bank. Let us provide you with the necessary information much faster and easier. Getting a bank account that has global coverage and high chargeback protection is part of our expertise.


Chargeback is a serious issue that can affect your business negatively. The internal Risk Management service ThePayPortal provides, enables merchants to work efficiently by analyzing the current situation, and devising a strategy to reduce the number of chargeback requests by risk reduction methods. Make your business rating solid, and your company’s history untainted, making your billings smarter and transaction processing secure. Multiple-level protection, cutting-edge technology, and knowledge bring you the profitability of online commerce. Do not delay your business any longer, turn to ThePayPortal team of experts.